Welcome to Think Total - The Furniture Assembly Solution!

Welcome to Think Total - The Furniture Assembly Solution!
So you have just visited your local furniture or kitchen shop and found the perfect piece of furniture for your home. Its the right size, it's the right look and it's everything that you could ever need! But oh no, theres a problem!!

You realise that it's a flat pack!! Those past memories of arguments with your partner flash into your head, the lost screw, that piece of wood being thrown across the room, the dismay when it looked nothing like how it did in the shop and when the handle dropped off after the first week.

But wait there must be a solution… There must be an easier and better way to get this done...

Yes you are right... Just Think!

Think Furniture Assembly has the experience, knowledge and tools to help you out. Think Furniture Assembly has experience with products from many major retailers, including IKEA, Domaine, Bunnings, Freedom Furniture and more.

Contact us and we will be pleased to help make your life easier! Call us on 1800 484 465 (1800 4THINK) or request a quote 7 days a week.