About us

Think Furniture Assembly is a locally based furniture assembly and installation company. We have been providing flat packed furniture assembly and installation services since 2004 to all major retailers and customers over Western Australia. We take great pride in providing an outstanding range of professional services to all of our customers.

Our team of assemblers and installers not only represent Install2u but also our major customers as we are the last step before you begin enjoying the furniture items we have assembled and installed in your home or office. Our assemblers and installers are of a mature age and provide that "old fashioned" customer service.

Contact us and we will be pleased to help make your life easier! Call us on 1800 484 465 (1800 4THINK) or request a quote  7 days a week.

Request a quote

Postal Address:
Think Total
Po Box 212

Tel: 1800 484 465 (1800 4 THINK)
email: jenny@thinktotal.com.au

Please don't hesitate to contact us as we have experience in assembling all kinds of furniture! We service all areas North and South of the river.

Please note quotes are a guide only. Any unmentioned items or unforeseen difficulties in your particular installation may affect the total cost. We try to keep quotes as accurate as we can on the information you have supplied to us.

Please enter your job details in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible with your quote.

Gallery of Work

Suggested Retailers

Not only are we the number one assembly and installer for IKEA in Western Australia. We can also help you assemble any furniture you purchase from other retailers. We can help with the following retailers:

  • BIG W
  • MYER
  • IKEA
  • and many more

You buy it and we will do all the hard work!!



 Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  Why do I need think total ?

  People generally do not need assistance building their furniture, but for those who do or do not have the time, we offer a service which can help with all your assembly and installation needs.

  When can I arrange for an appointment?

  Appointments can generally be made either by phone on 1800 4THINK or email us through the request a quote page on our website.

  Can I change my appointment, will I get charged for it?

  We are happy for you to change your appointment to arrange for another day. We do not charge you for this, unforseen circumstances do occur. All we ask is you try and inform us as soon as you can.

  What will be my assembly cost?

  We believe in a fixed rate upfront quote so you know exactly what you paying for.

  How long does an assembly/installation take?

  The time it takes to build and install your purchase can vary. It would depend on the size and quantity and the amount of workspace there is to assemble. We would try to be as accurate as possible on timing when we give your quote.

  What if the furniture is damaged before assembly?

  We understand that during delivery and pre assembly, your furniture can be damaged by no fault of your own. We as a rule will always pre-inspect the furniture, and if damaged we will advise you accordingly.

  Do you remove packaging?

  Unfortunately we are unable to remove any packaging.

  Are you insured?

  Think Total holds full public liability insurance


Contact Think today and we will be pleased to help make your life easier! Call us on 1800 484 465 (1800 4THINK) or request a quote  7 days a week.


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